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Innovative Skåne companies enter the US market

Trade & export

Most innovative companies from around the world want to eventually reach the US. But the US market’s size and complexity, as well as the lack of centralized support for small and medium-sized enterprises, make it a lot tougher to break into than other international markets.

Thankfully,  Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York (SACCNY) offers Acceleration Programs specifically for Nordic companies trying to enter the US market. Southern Sweden’s official trade and investment promotion agency, Invest in Skåne, saw it as an opportunity to partner with SACCNY and their team of experts to bring Skåne innovation to the US: Avidicare, Enjay, and T-Meeting

“We’re thrilled to bring impactful tech companies to the global stage through our Acceleration Programs,” says SACCNY COO and Specialist Emma Fredwall. “The partnership with Invest in Skåne provides us access to some of the most innovative companies in Sweden, and the world, and we see a lot of potential for these scaleups in the US market,” Fredwall continues.

SACCNY has supported these three Skåne based companies with their US expansion through market research, pitch training, marketing and communications, business matchmaking, and more. In the second phase of the program, the goal is to support the selected companies through their first US deals.

“The program has given us deeper knowledge regarding the required certifications and legislation both federally and state-level,” says Enjay co-founder Nils Lekeberg. “We have a clearer picture regarding the requirements now and have started preparing [to enter the market].”

According to Veton Tairi, who leads business development for T-Meeting, companies are unlikely to have any success expanding into the US without such connections. “The US market can sometimes feel like an exclusive VIP club of sorts,” he explains. “You have to know someone to get in. Having a good network is key, and with SACCNY we really see long term potential of getting our products to the US market.”

Peter Höjerback, CEO Avidicare AB

“SACCNY helped us find both partners and end-users,” says Avidicare’s CEO Peter Höjerback.

About Skåne's Tech Scene

Skåne in the southernmost part of Sweden, is part of a country that’s overall tech-savvy and, along with thoroughly adopting digitization in the last few years, is highly ranked for innovation and business. Sweden was most recently named the top country on the 2021 EU Innovation Scoreboard 

The region itself has a rich history of invention and innovation. It’s where Bluetooth and one of the world’s first portable phones were invented. It has been a base of operation for companies like telecom giant Ericsson and multinational semiconductor producer AR.

Today, Skåne’s leading tech sectors range from IT services and digital networks to gaming. 
Its startup scene, aided by public and private funding, has produced several successful enterprises like gesture recognition software company Crunchfish, the awarded digital architectural tool Finch, printable sensor developer Innoscentia, and electric car maker Uniti.

Skåne’s Tech Industry by the Numbers

  • 4.8 times more game studios per capita in Malmö than London (Swedish Game Developer Index 2019)
  • Area with the 4th most investments in startups out of the entire Nordic region – after Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Helsinki (Nordic Tech Report 2019)
  • Malmö was ranked as one of Europe’s Biggest Tech Hubs by capital invested in 2020