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Skåne-based companies heading for the German market

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Germany is Sweden's largest trading partner, and many believe the partnership’s future lies in business alliances built around innovation. This is especially true for Germany’s relationship with Skåne’s business community.

That’s why the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany and Invest in Skåne are now launching Horisont Deutschland, an accelerator programme coaching five selected Skåne-based companies looking to enter the German market. 

The six-month-long programme, kicking off this Spring, is tailored to fit the unique needs of all participants. Through individual coaching, workshops and training sessions, the companies will be provided with the best possible tools for expansion on the German market. At the end of the programme, the companies will be matched with possible business partners in Germany.

Image of a woman working at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany

“For the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany, it is essential to connect with young and innovative companies from Sweden,” says Charlotte Roggenbuck, Project Manager at Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany. “Their ideas and entrepreneurial spirit are an inspiration and provide new impetus for the members and the chamber’s activities.”

The German market is highly sought after by companies worldwide. Invest in Skåne therefore made it a priority to select companies that are particularly suitable for expansion in Germany. The businesses bring highly innovative technology and advanced software which is especially suited for the German market’s demand. They all share a technology-based approach to sustainability, both environmental and social. Skåne is recognised as one of the most dynamic areas in Europe for ground-breaking science and technology advances. The region’s significant industry clusters in tech make it an ideal setting to create world-class innovations.

Ulrika Ringdahl, MD, Invest in Skåne

“Skåne and Germany have a large overlap in the tech industry,” says Ulrika Ringdahl, CEO of Invest in Skåne. “Germany has many large companies, and Skåne can contribute with innovative new startups.”

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