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Gasporox Viraler

Skåne-based laser company got help to shine its light on new tech

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Gasporox is a company familiar with the cutting edge. It provides unique laser solutions for product packaging with an underlying technology that has additional potential. But for the Skåne-based company to shine a light on other applications for its tech requires funding. Thankfully, Invest in Skåne was there to help Gasporox apply for and win a lucrative Eurostars grant.

Lasers are more than the powerful and destructive beams from science-fiction. In fact, Gasporox’s lasers are the exact opposite. According to CEO Märta Lewander Xu, the company offers an innocuous alternative in the quality control for packaging of pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages. 

“Gasporox’s vision is to replace the destructive techniques used for sampling within industry with laser techniques that are non-destructive,” Lewander Xu says. 

A sustainable solution 

Founded in 2005 by a research group of atomic physicists from Lund University, Gasporox began commercialising its laser technology in 2011. Its primary focus from the start has been applications in packaging, specifically for products that use a protective gas to prolong shelf life. Gasporox’s technology can check inside sealed packaging in an unintrusive, automated, and cost-effective way. The company’s main business is the sale of laser-based sensors for production lines, as well as instruments for at-line testing. And it intends to grow that business. 

“We will be the leading player to offer manufacturers laser quality control of packaging in a protective atmosphere,” says Lewander Xu, who goes on to explain that Gasporox laser sensors not only ensure the products that reach consumers are safe but also contribute to more sustainable production.  

“The industry is taking this seriously and demands better and more efficient ways of producing goods as well as making sure that what is produced is of best quality, which we all benefit from,”  says Lewander Xu. “With Gasporox, producers can reduce waste in production, inspect 100% of its products, guarantee high quality, and ensure the packaging technology serves its purpose.” 

Märta Lewander Xu, CEO Gasporox

“With Gasporox, producers can reduce waste in production, inspect 100% of its products, guarantee high quality, and ensure the packaging technology serves its purpose,” says Gasporox’s CEO Märta Lewander Xu.

But Gasporox has goals beyond its current products and continuously explores additional uses for its tech. “We have a department for Technology & Innovation that has the core task of exploring which future possible applications Gasporox can target with its technology,” says Lewander Xu.   

And it's that exploration that led to Invest in Skåne’s collaboration with the company. According to Lewander Xu, Gasporox's first interaction with the region's official agency for trade and investment promotion was at an Export Centrum Skåne event — co-sponsored by the agency for companies that wanted to learn more about reaching international markets. 

How Invest in Skåne helped 

Yet, it wasn’t exports that Invest in Skåne helped Gasporox with, but applying for grants to fund research and development. “Invest in Skåne has supported us on several levels regarding support in connection to externally EU-funded applications for new ideas and Innovations, where we have applied for external funding,” explains Lewander Xu. 

And in 2020, with Invest in Skåne’s help and guidance, Gasporox applied for a Eurostars Grant with two other companies, one from Norway and one from Germany. The proposed project aimed to develop a hand-held instrument for quality control of pharmaceutical and food packaging with Gasporox as the main coordinator.  

Out of the more than 500 other applications to Eurostars, the one submitted by Gasporox and its co-applicants was ranked as the 7th best and approved for SEK 4.8 million in funding. Lewander Xu cites Invest in Skåne’s help as being instrumental in the success of the Eurostars Application and says Gasporox is continuing to rely on the agency’s advice.   

“Invest in Skåne is a great partner,” she says. “We’ve gotten great support on how we should think, prioritise, and focus when applying for externally funded grants, as well as encouraging feedback on our project ideas and innovations.”