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Fredrik Jonsson

Title: Business Development Manager, Expansion Services

Department: Investment Promotion

My competencies and professional background 

Before joining Invest in Skåne, I worked on developing innovative and disruptive business models and strategies for some of the most influential companies in the world, including Volvo Trucks and Tetra Pak. I also managed a start-up accelerator dedicated to cleantech. I hold a dual Master’s Degree in Engineering (Materials Science) and International Industrial Economics.

What I can do for international companies and investors?

I assist foreign-owned enterprises that are already established in Skåne to make sure they have the right conditions to continue to grow. I help with, for example, scouting site locations, facilitating contact with public authorities, and creating benchmarking reports and other material needed for decision-making processes and everything related to potential expansions, investments, or retention.  Read more about our Expansion Services here

A fun fact that not many people know about me 

I am an enthusiastic beer brewer who can often identify the hops used in a beer by just smelling it.  

I speak 

  • Swedish
  • English
  • German
  • as well as ordering food in Japanese 

Read more about my professional background on LinkedIn

Contact information:


Phone: +46 40 675 34 61

Cell phone: +46 72 593 08 29