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Ulrika Ringdahl, Invest in Skåne

Ulrika Ringdahl

Title: Managing Director & Editor-in-chief (ansvarig utgivare)

Department: Management

My competencies & professional background

I hold a PhD in microbiology from Lund University where I worked several years as a researcher, and with the commercialisation of academic research. I was involved in establishing and growing a small biotech company and during our clinical validation phase Invest in Skåne assisted us in finding an international business partner that was essential for the development of the company. A year later I was lucky enough to join Invest in Skåne myself as the Head of the Materials and Life science team. A position I held for 5 years before becoming the managing director.
I still have a connection to Lund University as a Board member of Lund University Holding.

What is your role at Invest in Skåne?

Since 2019 I have the privilege of being the Managing director of Invest in Skåne. I enjoy every minute spent with this fantastic group of people contributing to the sustainable development of Skåne!

A fun fact that not many people know about me

I was born in the very northern part of Sweden and I do have a secret dream of moving back on day. I can sing “Bä, bä vita lamm” in Finnish. 

I speak

  • Swedish
  • English

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Contact information:


Phone: +46 40 675 34 65

Cell phone: +46 76 889 06 65