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Let us help your Skåne-based business go global


Need financing to expand abroad or pursue potential innovation?

If your company wants to enter a market outside Sweden or has an innovative idea to develop, there may be financing options available.

Innovative Skåne companies enter the US market

Invest in Skåne saw it as an opportunity to partner with SACCNY and their team of experts to help the Skåne based companies Avidicare, Enjay and T-Meeting enter the US market.

Upcoming events

Nordic Organic Food Fair


Grow globally
Nordic Organic Food Fair will be held at MalmöMässan on 17-18 November 2021. Join us for an exiting event and meet tomorrow's playes within the food industry!
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Have questions?

We’re always receiving questions from companies in Skåne about our services and have compiled the ones that are most frequently asked along with their answers.

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