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Christer Månsson, Invest in Skåne

Christer Månsson

Title: Business Development Manager, Healthtech

Department: Investment Promotion

My competencies & professional background

I hold a Masters in Electronics and come from many years of experience working in ICT, always focusing on digitisation. I also have vast experience from working with IoT and AI in healthcare. To add to the mixture, I’ve also founded a few startups within Telco and Healthtech.

What I can do for international companies and investors

At Invest in Skåne I am responsible for the healthtech sector and part of the EU-funded project Healthtech Nordic. I can provide support to international companies that wish to enter the healthtech market.  

A fun fact that not many people know about me

I secretly write and publish short stories on the theme ‘From Industrialism to Singularity in 150 Years’. That is, when I do not play golf. 

I speak

  • Swedish
  • English
  • some French

Read more about my professional background on LinkedIn

Contact information:


Cell phone: +46 72 463 60 47