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Jeton Jasharaj

Title: Senior Business Development Manager, Expansion Services

Department: Investment Promotion

My competencies and professional background 

I have fifteen years of experience in business development and international business expansion. I have helped hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises grow their business internationally and worked with senior management in over 20 industries in more than 50 markets, both regionally and globally.  

I hold a MSc in Business and Economics. 

What I can do for companies in Skåne?

I can give support and advice on how to grow sales internationally by identifying the right partners in the right markets through my extensive international business network. I can also help identify and develop new business opportunities that build and expand the presence of a company and its brands. Read more about our services here

A fun fact that not many people know about me 

I advise young entrepreneurs and start-ups and hold lectures in international trade and business development. 

I speak 

  • Swedish
  • English
  • Albanian

Read more about my professional background on LinkedIn

Contact information:


Phone: +46 40 675 34 78

Cell phone: +46 72 599 83 68