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Micael Györei

Title: Director of Investment Promotion

Department: Investment Promotion | Management

My competencies and professional background  

I’ve been dedicating my professional career to develop people and businesses, both locally and internationally. Industries of preference include Life Science, Nutrition/Food/Foodtech and Packaging where I’ve held positions in general management, marketing and sales, Research & Development as well as production and logistics. I have experience in both public and private funding. Over the course of my career, I have actively been working on all continents developing my multicultural understanding and skillset to support assimilation into local business environments.   

What I can do for international companies and investors? 

I advise and assist companies to establish their business in Skåne as well as offer support for venture capital acquisitions/investments. For me, it is key to walk that extra mile to ensure success. In my role at Invest in Skåne, I also work to promote sustainable business in the region by encouraging companies to think and act more sustainably.

A fun fact that not many people know about me 

I used to work as a juggling instructor for companies. It is a great way to relax and sharpen focus in the stressful everyday life of doing business! 

I speak  

  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • English 
  • German


Read more about my professional background on LinkedIn


Contact information:


Phone: +46 40 675 34 86

Cell phone: +46 72 467 28 72