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Olof Tedin

Olof Tedin

Title: Business Developer, Digital Games

Department: Investment Promotion

My competencies & professional background:

I hold a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Language Studies (Japanese) and Economics. I studied in Japan and worked as a teacher in Math and sciences for an elementary school in Sweden. I was an intern with Business Sweden at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo.

What I can do for international companies and investors:

My role is to help companies get in touch with the best possible contacts that are present in Skåne’s video game industry. From industry titans to the up-and-coming indies, I can present exciting investment prospects, potential games for publishing, and more.

A fun fact that not many people know about me:

I'm a big fan of science fiction, an avid gamer (mostly Dota and Starcraft), and somewhat of a nerd.

I speak:

  • Swedish
  • English
  • Japanese

Read more about my professional background on LinkedIn

Contact information:


Phone: +46 40 67534 08

Cell phone: +46 724 65 96 84