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Making business more sustainable


Invest in Skåne works actively to promote sustainable business in the region by supporting the UN Global Compact and encouraging companies to make a positive impact on the world.

“We strive for a more sustainable world where companies obviously play a crucial role for the future of our planet,” says Micael Györei, Head of Sustainability and Senior Investment Advisor at Invest in Skåne. 

“At Invest in Skåne, we support the UN Global Compact to position ourselves and to encourage foreign companies intending to establish their business in Skåne as well as local companies supported to adapt the principles and think more sustainably. As professional business advisors, we want to have a positive influence on the companies we work with. In fact, we will be offering a 24/7 online sustainability guiding tool to complement our bespoke personal support.”

Invest in Skåne walks the talk by firstly and most foremostly addressing its own internal sustainability challenges. The global goals will be carefully reviewed to pinpoint where efforts and improvements can be made within the company.

“By prioritising sustainability on our own turf, we are also setting a good example for international companies looking to set up shop in Skåne,” says Micael.

Food companies can make a positive impact

Micael points out that several of the companies that Invest in Skåne is working with have the potential to make a real, positive impact on the world. 

For example, food manufacturing companies can contribute with their products to the UN World Food Program to help nourish people threatened by starvation in e.g. war zones. For instance, one Skåne company produces nutritious pea protein paste which compact format and packaging means it easily can be shipped and distributed to affected areas as an essential nutrition.

Another Skåne case which recently hit the news is the establishment of a land-based fish farm in Bjuv. Unique of its kind, the fish farm hosts an ecosystem where fish faeces are recycled as manure for bio-energy production. In addition, another Bjuv-based company is in the phase of establishing industrial scale aquaponics for growing fish and vegetables in a circular system in which the fish faeces are used as manure for vegetable production. Some by-product of the vegetable production can be used to feed the herbivorous fish species. Further improvement to the circular systems can be made using insect farming. By entering the process, it provides ento proteins to omnivorous fish species to lower, or omit, external supply of feed. This process creates a close to 100% circular system in production.  

Vision to be at the forefront of sustainability

Micael argues that the most important step towards becoming a more sustainable business region is to take a clear-cut stand. 

“I believe we have a responsibility to ensure that the cases we take on reflect our values. My vision is for Invest in Skåne to be at the forefront of sustainability by attracting companies dedicated to sustainability and support them to do business here, as well as dedicating time and effort to help and inspire others to make a difference,” he says. 

“Most importantly, I think it is vital for us to convey a clear message to our business partners that we prioritise sustainability.  It doesn’t mean we will turn down a great business opportunity when it arises, but we want to challenge and support the companies on their journey to comply with the fundamental principles of sustainable development.”

He adds: 

“Everyone must dare to take a stand and to bear in mind that every step on the way towards a sustainable future counts.”

Our promise

”Invest in Skåne shall strive for minimal negative impact and potentially a positive effect on the environment, people, society and the economy."