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Rebound Sound established in Skåne

Digital games

Rebound Sound Company, a US based voice recording, music- and sound composition company known for working on titles such as God of War, Halo, Destiny and Call of Duty, chose to establish their business in Skåne in September 2023. Before deciding to stay, this innovative business tried out the region’s games industry via a guest office at DevHub in Malmö – provided by Invest in Skåne, Game Habitat and the city of Malmö

We reached out to Johanna Malmberg, Sound Designer & Music Producer/Composer at Rebound Sound Company, to ask her about their recent establishment in Skåne.

Woman talking in a microphone
Johanna Malmberg, Rebound Sound Company. Photo: Game Habit

Why did you decide to establish in Skåne?

We chose Skåne because we aim to focus on providing audio services for the games industry, and Malmö is one of the most exciting places in the world for game development. On top of this, Copenhagen is next door and the rest of Europe just a few hours away.

What impresses you the most about the game ecosystem in Skåne?

Besides the welcoming people and the strong community here, one of the most impressive things to us about the game ecosystem in Skåne is the ongoing mission towards increased gender equality and diversity in the game industry. 

What services did you get from Invest in Skåne? 

Invest in Skåne has helped us in many ways. Mainly by introducing us to businesses in the region and being a great communicator and integrator. We also had the opportunity to stay at the Guest Office at Game Habitat. This helped us to better understand and connect with the Skåne games industry. 

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