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Looking for the future of food? It’s in southern Sweden

Investment opportunities

According to trend reports, the future of food is vegan, plant-based and sustainable. And companies throughout the south-Swedish province of Skåne are driving this trend. The area produces 30% of all food eaten in Sweden, accounts for 50% of the country’s food-related R&D investments and 85% of all Sweden’s orchards. It’s not surprising that Skåne is a hotbed of innovation in food and foodtech.

The area has a strong research community where academia, business incubators, science parks and other facilities offer advanced analysis tools and services, and innovation within the plant-based food and functional food markets. It’s why new, upcoming and established companies choose to start up here, or use the region’s resources to test, market and sell their products before launching on larger scales.

A centre of excellence for food development

Skåne has state-of-the-art facilities to help companies develop new technology and processes for food and beverage production. One such company is Balsgård Foodtech that offers a complete range of equipment and processes from recipes and developing taste and consistency to freeze-drying, automation and packaging. They also offer product development and short production runs for testing. Everything from idea to finished product.

Marketing Manager Anna Vanek says, “We see a boom in local production, craft products and customers who need transparency – they want to know where ingredients come from and how food and drink is processed.”

Great-tasting fish dishes – without the fish

Lots of companies have invested in meat-free dishes that taste like meat. In Skåne, people are now selling the sensation and taste of fish – but without the negative effect on ocean species, their habitat, and our environment. Nothing F!shy replicates the texture, flavour and aroma of white fish while enriching their products with vitamins, minerals, proteins and Omega-3 oil.

Founder Jared Christensen talks about the goal of getting people to eat tasty, sustainable food and drive demand through sustainable choices.

A man in chefs clothing

“We had a quote to supply 2 tons of food for one lunch service. That saves 2 tons of fish. Reducing demand reduces supply – meaning fish can hopefully replenish in their natural habitat” says Jared Christensen, founder of Nothing F!shy

Authentic cheese from cashew nuts

Finding vegan cheeses with an authentic taste has been difficult. Until now.  Casheury sells flavoured cheese by combining organic cashew nuts with traditional techniques and plant-based cultures.

Simon Francis, founder of Casheury says, "More people are looking for plant-based food as it ticks the boxes of clean-eating, nutritious and sustainable. We strive to find healthy and more sustainable sources of protein with a low carbon footprint – which we’ve done with cashew nuts.” 

Let’s meet at NOFF

Meet these companies and others including Roots of Malmö, EdgyVeggie, Harvest of Ecuador, &OurFriends and Veg of Lund at the Nordic Organic Food Fair (NOFF) 16-17 November in Malmö. You’ll find them at the Future Food from Southern Sweden stand, organised by Invest in Skåne within the project Southern Sweden International. 

The project Southern Sweden International is a partnership with Region BlekingeAlmi Företagspartner Blekinge ABRegion Skåne and Invest in Skåne AB. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The companies' participation at Nordic Organic Food Fair is also partly financed through Regional Exportsamverkan Skåne – a partnership with Almi Företagspartner Skåne ABBusiness SwedenEnterprise Europe NetworkExportkreditnämnden, Invest in Skåne AB and Region Skåne

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