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Skåne is a place rich in talent for tech, from systems design and control to software and hardware design in mobile and wireless systems. Bluetooth and the world’s first portable phone were invented in Skåne.

Companies like telecom giant Ericsson and multinational semiconductor producer ARM have had a long standing presence. There are also market leaders that began as regional companies, like Axis Communications, owned by Canon since 2015 – one of the biggest names in network video.

Thanks to local institutions, like the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, Skåne has created a proven track record as a home for advanced research and development and technical expertise. And people have noticed. Tech startups in the area were recently shown to receive the 4th highest number of investments in comparison to all of the startup communities in the Nordic region (Nordic Tech Report 2019).

Access to the world’s fastest internet speeds probably helps as well. Sweden continuously scores in the top worldwide for internet connectivity and was even ranked as having the 2nd fastest broadband connection in 2017 (“The 23 countries in the world with the fastest internet speeds”, Business Insider 2018) .

Today, Skåne’s competitive edge in tech spans numerous segments – from IT services and digital networks to gaming. The global success of Malmö-based companies like Massive Entertainment, the makers of Tom Clancy’s The Division, is just one example of the world-class skills that can be found among Skåne-based game software developers. In 2019, Malmö’s The Game Assembly was ranked as the 7th best game development school in the world by The Rookies.

The area’s vibrant startup scene, aided by public and private funding, has spawned several successful enterprises like gesture recognition software company Crunchfish, the awarded digital architectural tool Finch, and the printable sensor developer Innoscentia.

In 2018, 1 out of every 5 capital investments in Skåne contained at least one investor from outside the Nordic region. In Q1 of 2019, it was more than 1 out of every 4.

- Nordic Tech Report 2019

Advantages of Skåne

Advantages when choosing the Skåne region for your next technology project or establishment:

  • A hub for international software developers Skåne has a broad set of workers with software development experience, across a multitude of disciplines and niches. Malmö has approximately 5 times more game studios per capita than London and Montreal, which has attracted a large talent pool of game developers to the region in the last few years (Swedish Game Developer Index 2019). In 2016, Bosch, IBM, Volvo Cars, and Continental setup software development centers in Lund, recruiting local developers with extensive experience in fields like embedded software solutions, connectivity, and software security.
  • Fourth most investments in all of the Nordics Startups in Skåne raised the fourth most investments out of all the other startup communities throughout the Nordic region, coming up behind the tech giants of Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Helsinki (Nordic Tech Report 2019).
  • An aptitude for new technologies Swedes are frontrunners in adopting new technologies and ideas. The country is leading the way in the use of cashless payments and was ranked 2nd in the world in the 2019 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Such affinity for early adoption is probably why international companies commonly use Sweden as a test market.

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