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A history of innovation in technology and life sciences makes Skåne a unique place to thrive in the emerging industry that combines the two into one: healthtech. Sweden's southernmost region is home to a growing number of disruptors in healthtech that are working on a wide range of products, from smart wearables to digital therapy for mental illness.

The Skåne area has a proven track record as a home to advanced research and development, and technical expertise. It’s the birthplace of wireless Bluetooth technology and the local tech startup community currently receives the 4th highest number of investments out of all of the other Nordic regions (Nordic Tech Report 2019). Paired with its strong tradition in life sciences, Skåne is playing a vital part in a major shift towards the digitalisation of preventative care within the international healthcare sector. One of Sweden’s largest healthtech players, Min Doktor – a doctor’s visit on your phone – was founded, of course, in Skåne.

“By 2025, Sweden will be the world leader in using digitalization and eHealth opportunities in order to facilitate good and equal health and welfare for everyone, and in developing and strengthening their own resources for an increased societal independence and participation”
- The Swedish Government, Vision for eHealth 2025

In fact, HealthTech Nordic, a recent interregional project, to accelerate healthtech startups and strengthen its community across the Nordic region, listed several Skåne companies as high-potential startups, including Actimate, Flow Neuroscience, Min Doktor, Next Step Dynamics and Progress Me.

Skåne is also part of Medicon Valley, a world renowned life science cluster with more than 350 biotech, medtech, and pharma companies, and home to high ranking tech institutions, such as Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering.

Advantages of Skåne

Advantages when choosing the Skåne region for your next healthtech project:

  • A strong life science cluster; the largest one in Scandinavia The Skåne region is an area with a rich life science heritage, the birthplace of inventions such as the artificial kidney, the diagnostic ultrasound, and the nicotine replacement gum Nicorette. At the center of the region’s life science cluster is Lund University, the highest ranking university in Sweden and consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.
  • Technology industry hotspot for connectivity Bluetooth and the world’s first portable phone were invented in Skåne. Companies like telecom giant Ericsson and multinational semiconductor producer ARM have had a long standing presence in the area, and 5G systems are being developed in the region. All that adds up to a wealth of talent and expertise on the technology that connects us. So, it makes sense that there’s also access to the world’s fastest internet speeds. Sweden continuously scores in the top worldwide for internet connectivity and was even ranked as having the 2nd fastest broadband connection in 2017 (“The 23 countries in the world with the fastest internet speeds”, Business Insider 2018)

  • An aptitude for new technologies Swedes are frontrunners in adopting new technologies and ideas. The country is leading the way in using cashless payments and was ranked 2nd in the world in the 2019 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which is probably why it’s common for international companies to use Sweden as a test market.

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