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Oceanharbour in Helsingborg, Skåne


One third of Sweden’s imports and exports pass through its southernmost region, Skåne. With access to both air, rail, port, road, and a connection to Denmark via the Öresund Bridge, the region is an excellent logistics hub.

It’s a key point of access to both the 25 million consumers in Scandinavia and the 125 million in Northern Europe. But it’s also, when considered in combination with neighboring Copenhagen, Scandinavia’s most densely populated area, with 4 million consumers within a 90-minute radius.

Sweden is both a gateway to the Nordic countries and Northern Europe. It offers an advanced infrastructure together with an ease of doing business that was recognized as the 2nd most efficient in logistics by the World Bank in 2018.

The Skåne region gives easy access to near and far through Copenhagen Airport that transports passengers and cargo to around 165 destinations yearly. Cargo companies operating out of the airport include DHL, Fedex, Kuehne & Nagel, and PostNord.

Advantages of Skåne

Advantages when choosing the Skåne region for establishments within the logistics sector:

  • Advanced infrastructure through all mediums of transport The area offers a robust and extensive transport network via road, air, rail, and port; including:
    • Scandinavia’s largest airport, Copenhagen Airport (CPH) 30 km away from Central Malmö
    • 2 international cargo ports, Copenhagen Airport and Malmö Airport (Sturup)
    • 7 international harbours with hourly calls to Germany and Poland
    • Scandinavia’s largest roll-on/roll-off port
  • Access to logistics know-how at a lower cost Over 110,000 people are employed within the e-commerce and logistics sector in Skåne, making it the largest logistics labour market within all of the Nordic countries. The area is also home to more than 17 higher educational institutions, which contribute to its high level of competence in engineering and advanced logistics technologies. In addition, logistics labour within the region costs on average 8% less than in Stockholm and Eskilstuna. There are currently 63,000 workers, both higher education and lower, available to work within a one hour radius in Skåne.
  • A thriving e-commerce sector on the rise A country with one of the highest ranking internet speeds in the world, Sweden has the largest share of online consumers aged 18-29 of all the Nordic countries. Due to its strategic location for logistics, the Skåne region has become a hub for e-commerce startups, strengthened by the inauguration of E-commerce Park in 2015, an incubator and co-working space focusing solely on e-commerce businesses.
Graphical map of the transport infrastructure in the Skåne region
One third of all Swedish imports/exports go through Skånes extensive transport network via road, air, rail, and port.
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Southern Sweden for logistics: Your gateway to the Nordics

Learn more about the logistics infrastructure in Skåne and discover the advantages and possibilities with locating here.

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